Liposuction and High Definition Liposculpture

Feb 13, 2024

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you exercise, or how healthily you eat, there are some stubborn areas of fat you just can’t get rid of? Or that you can’t quite get the definition you want? This is where liposuction and high-definition liposculpture can be useful.

Liposuction can not only be used to remove these stubborn areas of fat, but, it can also be used to help reshape the waist and flanks. Sometimes, a small volume of the fat can be taken from the waist and re-injected into the hips, to give a subtle curve and help to achieve that hour-glass figure.

The fat can also be taken from different areas in different amounts, allowing the surgeon to shape and contour the area. A good example of this is to remove extra fat from the midline in the abdomen, to give a subtle impression of a six-pack. By using liposuction targeted to specific areas, the skin can be made to “scar on the inside” giving the subtle silhouette of lines. This is called high definition liposculpture and can give fantastic results, when used in the right patient.

Obviously, not all cases will be suitable for such a procedure. It might be that the problem is too much skin, or the fact that the skin has been stretched in the past, and can’t spring back into position very easily. In these cases, a more invasive procedure is likely to be needed to give you the best result – an abdominoplasty (“tummy-tuck”) or mini-abdominoplasty would be used to remove the excess skin. In my practice however, I almost always carry out these procedures with liposuction as part of them, as I find that this helps to give the patient best shape and the best result.