The Evolution of Breast Augmentation

Feb 13, 2024

Take a minute to google pictures of the celebrities considered to have the most desirable bodies in the nineties – Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, maybe even Victoria Beckham. The thing that is most noticeable is the over-sized bust. The very large, “stuck-on” boobs, perhaps highlighted by the Wonderbra campaign of the time, was all the rage at the turn of the century. I for one, am glad that we have left all of that behind.

We are now in an era where the goal is for subtle augmentation, searching for a natural look which should give no indication that a visit to a plastic surgeon has ever taken place. Most patients seem to have this same mind set, and it is important that anyone considering breast augmentation appreciates what is actually possible, given their anatomy. It is unrealistic to expect to see a plastic surgeon and ask to have a specific volume of implant placed. What is more likely is that your surgeon will examine you, and having taken very specific measurements, be able to give you a selection of implant sizes and shapes which will fit your body. This is all designed to give you the most natural look, with fuller augmented breasts and a better profile.

You may be aware of lots of news articles about “the perfect” breast. This is based on a number of studies carried out a few years ago, which came up with a formula for what most people found aesthetically pleasing. In essence, the conclusion is that breasts look most attractive when 45% of the volume is above the nipple, 55% of the volume is below the nipple, and the nipple itself points upwards at an angle of 20 degrees to the horizontal. This is the so-called “45:55 ratio” and is what the studies suggest is present in breasts considered to be beautiful. It makes sense, therefore, that this is the template which is often aimed for in order to achieve a natural breast augmentation.